Digital Training

“Continue to learn and keep your knowledge up-to-date”

Discover our mobile application dedicated to continuous learning…

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A lot of benefits!

  • Preparation to a face-to-face training or post training
  • Keeping your knowledge up-to date
  • Better memorisation of content due to pragmatic cases
  • Creation of battles between participants during the programme
  • Information sharing about the core business

  • To acquire new learning
  • To refresh and revisit knowledge
  • To stay connected to information
  • To enjoy playing while learning
  • To keep track of progress
  • To be rewarded

Designed to meet the challenges of continuous learning of collaborators within a very fast changing environment.

In practical terms


3 to 5 minutes per day


3 to 5 days per week


Pragmatic and enjoyable!

L2bw Training Play 

Allows you to reinforce your knowledge and your performance.

Some contexts you can use it…

  • Pre-Post training / workshops / conferences
  • HR policies, rules, procedures
  • Health & Safety
  • QHSE
  • Legal
  • Satisfaction survey (employees / customers)
  • Evaluation

Any content related to core activity for which you need to inform your employee and make sure they understood this information.

Easy to implement

Large scale target audience

Multiple languages

Enjoyable, Fun, Pragmatic

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